Your delivery date is Guaranteed.  Our trees are shipped within hours of being harvested by common carrier to Skookum's Retail lot for selection by Skookum's trained staff.  Delivery and tree set-up at the residence will be performed by Skookum's staff.  The following dates are Skookum's 2017 trucking schedule from the Northwest: 

Truck #1-----Arrives November  23rd, 2017

Truck #2-----Arrives November  25th, 2017
Truck #3-----Arrives November  28th, 2017
 Truck #4-----Arrives November    1st, 2017
Truck #5-----Arrives December    5th, 2017

Skookum can deliver your Christmas Tree or Wreaths 24 hours after any of the above arrival dates, Skookum stair-steps its Christmas Tree arrival Dates to insure fresh trees to the marketplace, it's our reputationIf, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with your Christmas Tree or Wreaths, Skookum will gladly refund the full purchase price.  Returns must be brought to Skookum Trees Distribution Lot at 63 W. Shaw, Fresno, prior to December 14 for immediate refund

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